Hey, I'm Marvy!

Great that you want to know more about me.

Every day I am confronted with the imbalance between the city and nature. In my ideal world, all cities would look like a forest like area – biodiversity, through variety of plants and animals.


In my vision of the future, humans, animals and the built environment together form one ecosystem. I like to contribute to a greener world and I am here to help you do the same. I started in Rotterdam, where my roots are, but I have great ambitions. I prefer to quickly propagate this vision abroad.




I help you to easily stimulate greenery and biodiversity in an urban environment. Think of balconies, facade gardens, roofs and much more. So if you have a green heart, but don’t know where to start? Whether you just love green and want to make it easier for yourself; I got your back!


Green regards,
Marvy Green


Initiatiefnemers Marvy Green - Winfried de Coo en Lieke van Wilpen
Nice to meet you! Wij zijn Winfried en Lieke, initiatiefnemers van Marvy Green. Help jij mee met het vergroenen van de stedelijke omgeving? Let's go! | © Gigi Zoutendijk

The team

Winfried de Coo

Development manager

Reach out to Winfried for B2B-requests coming from the project and area development field.

Lieke van Wilpen

Brand manager

Lieke will tell you all about the Marvy Green brand and is in charge when it comes to marketing and PR-related questions.

Brian Monster | Marvy Green

Brian Monster

Operational manager

Get in touch with Brian when you've got any questions about our current product offer and for advise about green roof systems.


Marvy Green helps to balance the urban environment and nature, stimulate and facilitate green living in the city. Less concrete, more jungle.


Every contribution from an individual is relevant. That way you can make a difference. By offering products and tools that facilitate greening, I help you to contribute to a more livable environment.


Marvy Green is open to collaborations and joining forces for green initiatives. We are enthusiastic about everyone who shares the same vision as we do. Do you have a great idea or do you want to discuss options?