Hoya care tips

How do you optimally care for your wax flower?

The Hoya has its origin in Asia, Polynesia and Australia and has 200 to 300 different species! This allows you to see Hoyas in all kinds of shapes and with different leaf markings. In the Netherlands, the Hoya is also called a ‘wax flower’. Because of the scent of the flowers that releases – especially in the evening. It has a strong sweet smell that can make you think of clean laundry.



The Hoya likes a light environment and prefers a standing or hanging place with a lot of indirect sunlight. For example, consider the windowsill of a north-facing window, two meters from a west and east window, and about three meters from a south-facing window. In some cases – depending on the Hoya variety – the plant can tolerate direct sunlight for several hours.



Hoyas like humidity. That is why it is good to spray the plant regularly. Keep in mind that spraying has a local and temporary effect on humidity. Do you have several plants that need high humidity or do you notice that your Hoya suffers from too dry air? Then consider buying a humidifier or placing bowls of water on the heater.


Watering need

The soil of the Hoya is preferably always slightly moist. You can check this by putting your finger (two knuckles deep) in the soil a few days after watering. Does the earth feel dry yet? Then you can water a little more next time. Be careful not to overwater the Hoya. The size, location and season influence the water requirement of your plant. By doing a ‘check’ in the meantime, you know whether you are doing great!

Unsplash - Severin Candrian


The Hoya grows with ‘average’ speed. This means that a new pot is expected to be needed every two years. Check whether your plant needs a new pot immediately after purchase or whether you want to wait with repotting until spring when the plant recovers better and is in the growing season.



Every plant has different wishes when it comes to ambient temperature. The desired minimum temperature of the Hoya is;


15 degrees Celsius during the day
n10 degrees Celsius at night


If it gets colder outside, try to keep the temperature inside as constant as possible and keep the plants away from drafty windows. In addition to causing cold currents, it also increases the risk of pests.

This card shows the summary of the care instructions of the Hoya.
The Hoya Carnosa 'Krimson Queen' has thick green leaves with a white outline. In some cases even a green-white variegated leaf. Due to the long tendrils, the plant can hang as well as climb, although you do have to lend it a hand. When the Hoya blooms, it has small star-shaped flowers. Please note: this plant can currently only be picked up in the store or delivered in Rotterdam with the bicycle courier.

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