Common plant diseases

How do you deal with a plant that is sick? Does your plant suffer from bugs or fungi? Read here how you can save your diseased plant and protect all other plants in the room against it. Fungi Is there a white powdery substance on the leaf and does it spread quickly over the top […]

Hoya care tips

How do you optimally care for your wax flower? The Hoya has its origin in Asia, Polynesia and Australia and has 200 to 300 different species! This allows you to see Hoyas in all kinds of shapes and with different leaf markings. In the Netherlands, the Hoya is also called a ‘wax flower’. Because of […]

Green roof maintenance instructions

There are various types of green roofs, what are the differences in maintenance? Various types of green roof systems are offered on our website. The 3-part sedum roll systems are available in three variants. These mats have their own instructions when it comes to maintenance. Read more about the maintenance of a sedum roof and […]

Hibernate in the garden

Help the ecosystem in your garden get through the year. Do you also love the birds and the activity of insects in your garden? Despite the fact that it sometimes does not always feel that way in terms of temperature, we are currently already in the middle of autumn and that means that it is […]

Toxic, yes or no?

Which plants are safe? Some plants are (slightly) toxic to pets and small children. Cats, in particular, find it tempting to gnaw on plants and of course you want to prevent them from getting sick. Marvy Green sells a number of indoor plants that are not harmful to animals or children and which you can […]

Growing with kitchen scraps

Waste while cooking? This is how you grow new fruit and vegetables! The bok choy its butt, the tip of the carrot or the seeds of the pepper. Usually, these end up in the trash during cooking, because we don’t use it in a meal. That’s a sin! Because much of the fruit and vegetable […]

Green roof subsidy

How you qualify for a green roof subsidy: Do you want to apply for a green roof subsidy? Many municipalities provide subsidies to contribute to climate adaptation. This includes: greening the city, water storage, and saving energy. Installing a green roof can feel like a significant investment, but when you receive compensation for this, it […]

Watering plants

Every plant has its own needs when it comes to the amount of water needed. Read on to figure out what plants are most practical to maintain.

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