Green roof systems

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Note: first check how much weight your roof can support. Ask your contractor or constructor for advice.

Easily roll out your green roof over your flat roof with this 3-layer lightweight sedum roller system. These rolls consist of a sedum mat, substrate roll and drainage.

Roof pitch: 0˚- 5˚
Thickness including sedum: 65-85 mm
Saturated weight: 40-55 kg / m2

These sedum cassettes are ready to use and can be placed directly on the roof for a quick result. A protective cloth is recommended to protect the roof covering.

Roof pitch: up to 15˚
Thickness including sedum: 90 mm
Saturated weight: 65 kg / m2

sedum tray system for green roofs

3-layer sedum roll system

from €45,95 / square meters
  • Sedum roll
  • Substrate roll
  • Drainage
  • Gravel (recommended)
  • Root resistant film (optional)

Sedum cassettes

from €39,95 / square meters
  • Sedum cassettes
  • Gravel (recommended)
  • Protective cloth (optional)

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