Collect seeds for more green.

Marvy is convinced that the contribution of each individual is relevant when it comes to greening. Together we form an enthusiastic community that is committed to a better balance between city and nature. By buying products on the website you earn “Marvy seeds”. These seeds are virtual points that you can save and exchange at a discount. This makes it more fun to buy a green product every time! Save Marvy seeds There are even more ways to save seeds. You start by creating an account. After this you can continue saving by, for example, writing a review on the website, but also if you recommend Marvy Green to a friend and he/she places an order afterwards! It is already possible from 500 seeds to exchange them at a discount.

With which can you earn seeds?

  • Create your own account (needed to collect point) | 10 MZ

  • Let your friends order via your personal coupon code | 200 MZ

  • Share a message in our community | 25 MZ

  • Write a review on the product page or Google | 50 MZ

  • Sign up for Marvy's newsletter | 10 MZ

Start collecting seeds

The Marvy seeds you earn are kept in your personal account, based on your e-mail address. When you create an account you are ready-to-go! And you have already received your first points. Do you already have an account? You can find all the points you have collected so far here.

Zoek het groen dat bij jou past