Alocasia Wentii

The Alocasia is also known as the “Elephants Ear” and originates from the tropics of Asia. Due to its origin the Alocasia needs slightly more care taking compared to our other plants but wil provide you with a very attractive plant in return.


Verdien tot wel 69 Marvy zaadjes.


The Alocasia likes the soil to be slightly moist so it is best to water regularly in small amounts. She stores most of the water in het stems and these are the first to start hanging down when she is in need of water. Because this is a tropical plant she really enjoys a higher humidity, we advise to spray or mist your Alocasia at least once a week.

When choosing a spot for the Alocasia make sure she can get about 5 hours of sun every day and make sure to rotate the plant every now and then because she will grow towards the light. While growing towards the light the stems might grow too long and snap under the weight of its large leaves. Growing new shoots takes a lot of energy from the Alocasia and we would advise providing her some plant food.

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