Asplenium Parvati

The Asplenium Parvati fern is a fern with beautiful dark green and slightly shiny leaves. Like other ferns, this one also needs a lot of water to keep the soil moist. Because the plant does well in high humidity, it is even possible to place the Parvati in the bathroom. Ferns reproduce by means of their spores, but they do not produce flowers. You can safely keep this plant around children and pets, it is non-toxic.

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Fern soil should be moist at all times but beware of overwatering to prevent root rot. A location in a somewhat dark, semi-shaded spot is fine for the Asplenium Parvati. In this way, their natural conditions are best simulated. Additional feeding of this fern is not necessary, but if you want to do it, limit this to the spring and summer periods.

It may happen that the leaves of the fern discolour. Are the leaves turning yellow? Then this is often a sign of too much sunlight. When brown spots or edges develop, this may indicate too much watering, despite the plant’s water requirement. Then take this into account and reduce the amount of water.

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