Balcony planter including plants

With the ‘filled balcony planter’ you turn your balcony in a green oasis very quickly. You order this including plants and potting soil. You only have to hang the box on the railing of your balcony. No do-it-yourself, but completely prepared by us. Super easy! Also available in XL (18 litres).

NB; you will receive a mix of plants based on availability. The drawing on this page serves as an illustration and is not based on reality.

What is included in the balcony planter package?

  • An Elho Barcelona balcony planter with hanging system and water reservoir
  • Hydro granules
  • Fresh potting soil from Bio Kultura
  • Three hardy, native and unsprayed plants

When you order the filled balcony planter, it will be shipped or prepared for collection in mid-March. Let Spring begin!



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The filled balcony planter is our solution to green your balcony quickly and easily. Delivered ready to use, including hydro pellets, garden soil and various plants. Do you live in Rotterdam? Come and pick up your balcony planter at the store or have it delivered sustainably by bicycle courier. Elsewhere in the Netherlands, the planters will be delivered in a specially developed box. Curious to see the box? Check the unboxing video of ‘tuinfluencer’ Eefje.

The plants that we select for the balcony planter are intended for long-term enjoyment. They are hardy, native and unsprayed and therefore very durable. The balcony planters come from Elho’s Barcelona series. These containers have a water bowl under the container, which functions as a water reservoir. This collects excess water, but can also provide the container with water in this way. If you are not very good at regular watering, you can consider installing an Aquabloom irrigation system. This works on solar energy and collects water from your rain barrel or water reservoir.

You can also order this balcony planter separately in different colours. The bins come in a Medium format of 9.5 liters or an XL variant of 18.5 liters. The Elho Barcelona balcony planter is supplied including a water bowl, suspension system and mounting clips. This way you can easily hang it on your balcony or fence.

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Type of plants

For the bees, Evergreen, Herbs


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