Begonia Maculata

The Begonia Maculata or Spot Begonia is a small plant. The long leaves with dots ensure that it is a very striking plant. The underside of the leaf is dark red and gives the plant an extra ornamental value. This fun plant is also called polkadot because of the dots. Another name, the trout begonia, this plant owes to the shape of its leaf.



Verdien tot wel 70 Marvy zaadjes.


Give the Begonia Maculata a warm and light spot, without direct sunlight and keep the root ball slightly moist at all times. Make sure that no water can remain at the bottom of the pot, because the plant is sensitive to root rot. It is preferable to give the plant small amounts of water at a time. It is also good to spray the plant once a week with the mist setting of your plant sprayer.

The Begonia prefers a spot in partial shade. When the plant produces new leaves, you can place it a little closer to the window. It is also good to provide the plant with some extra nutrition in the spring.

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