Bird of Paradise

The Strelitzia is a real sun worshiper, so give it a nice spot with sufficient direct sunlight. The plant is known for its very special orange flowers, which has given it the name Bird of Paradise. This Bird of Paradise plant does not bloom and is popular for its large deep green leaves. Please note, this plant is poisonous to pets and small children.

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Verdien tot wel 115 Marvy zaadjes.


For the wellbeing of the Strelizia, it is advised to move her to a cooler spot in winter as for instance the bedroom. She also needs less water in the wintertime, you can lower the weekly dose slightly and bring it up again in spring. During spring and summertime, she will use extra water and it is wise to provide her with some extra energy by adding some plant food.

When you are providing the Strelitzia with plant food we advise to start within 2 months after delivery. You can use the Pokon plant food witch you can find in our shop. For dosage simply follow the instructions on the package, make sure to never add more than described in the instructions because it is better to use a little less.

To help the plant grow and stay healthy we recommend changing it to a bigger pot after 2 years. Make sure you chose a pot which is about 20% bigger so it will get plenty of new soil and nutrition as well as providing a bigger water buffer for the plant.

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