Chamaecyparis Pisifera

The Chamaecyparis Pisifera is a slow-growing coniferous tree. Its colour is described as “Blue Moon” and is a real eye-catcher. This is a dwarf version and doesn’t grow as big as her brothers. They can grow up to 50m tall and are used in Japan to grow timber.

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The Chamaecyparis Pisifera is also known as a false-cyprus. She grows about 5cm every year in a compact spherical shape. With the proper care she will grow to a height of 80cm. If this is to big you can always prune her back to a smaller size. Make sure to use proper pruning shears.

She grows well in regular soil as long as it is breathable. We advise loosening the soil every few months with a small scoop or a garden claw. When putting het in a pot make sure to add some Nutri Booster to the soil.

The Chamaecyparis Pisifera is an evergreen plant and is used to temperatures to -20°C. She really likes the sun so make sure to put her in a spot with at least half a day of sunshine.

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