Combination bird feeder & fat balls

The stylish Lisa feeder from SingingFriend is combined with a six-pack of fat balls for birds. With this, you brighten up the garden and you also contribute to the comfortable wintering of garden birds.

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The Lisa feeder is designed by SingingFriend and has a natural look. The sphere is made of ceramic with a metal hook. You can use this feeder for different types of seed mix, but also with fat balls. Because of the earth tones, the Lisa feeder is a beautiful addition to any garden.

Fat balls are also known as Mezenbollen and are full of energy and nutrients. The high quality of the fat and the seeds that are mixed in it ensure that the birds get the necessary calories. De Vogelbescherming has combined natural fats with sunflower seeds and peanut flour for this. The fat balls with insects are very attractive to birds and provide extra protein. The bulbs are about 95 grams each.

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