Combination bird feeder & peanut butter


Marvy Green’s most favourite bird feeder, SingingFriend’s Evie feeder, combined with peanut butter for garden birds. This makes wintering for garden birds a lot more pleasant. Easy to hang on a fence or drainpipe with the supplied Velcro. The feeder house is available in tcoloursors black and green.


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This peanut butter for garden birds comes in a 330 gram jar and is a good food source for garden birds. Normal peanut butter contains too much salt and is bad for birds.

The feeder Evie comes in a packaging including Velcro for fastening. When placing the feeder Evie, keep in mind that birds need some time to get used to it. So it can take a few weeks before the birds start using the house. Make sure that the birds have a good flight path to the house as much as possible. That way they will visit it faster. It also helps if there is some shelter nearby.

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