Croton 'Mrs Iceton'

Retteketetti … here comes the confetti! Bring colour into your home with Croton – also called miracle shrub. This plant has beautiful variegated leaves; from purple to yellow, from red to orange. If you keep the leaves well dust-free, the leaves will catch more light – this will make the plant show even more colours.


Verdien tot wel 160 Marvy zaadjes.


This wonder shrub comes from the Crotoneae family, also known in the Netherlands as the Euphorbia family. All indoor plants in this family have beautiful coloured leaves (like Croton Tamara). Taking care of the Croton is quite easy, but the amount of water is particularly important. The plant should always be in slightly moist soil, so water the plant regularly in small amounts. Is there a period of less light or lower temperatures? Then the plant will also need less water. At least 5 hours of sunshine a day is desirable; new leaves will be created with sufficient sunlight. Are the leafs turning dark or does the plant lose some leaves? Then place the pot a little closer to the window. Avoid direct sunlight.

Additional information

Latin name

Codiaeum variegatum

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