Croton Petra

Croton Petra is the third colorful appearance from the Croton family. This plant has light green and dark green leaves, interspersed with a beautiful red leaf pattern. The veins of this plant are clearly visible and therefore provide a nice contrast.

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Taking care of the Croton is relatively easy. It is particularly important that the plant regularly receives small amounts of water. Check whether the plant is in slightly moist soil. If not, you can water the plant again. When there is less light and the temperatures are a bit lower, the plant will automatically use less water. This plant likes a lot of light, a minimum of 5 hours of sun is desirable. Does the plant get enough light? Then fresh leaves will be produced, will the leaf lose its leaves or is the leaf dark? Then move the plant a little closer to the window, but keep away from direct sunlight.

Additional information

Latin name

Croton Petra

Height (cm)

Pot size

27 cm

Animal friendly

Light need

Watering need


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