Zamioculcas 90CM

The Zamioculcas is a popular plant because it is easy to maintain. The plant is also known as the Chamber palm and originates from South-East Africa. It stores water in its sturdy roots, so the plant needs water less often. The soil may therefore become slightly dry between waterings.



Verdien tot wel 90 Marvy zaadjes.


Taking care of your Zamioculcas is very easy. It is a plant that is satisfied with both a darker and lighter place in the house. The more light the plant gets, the faster it grows. The plant also grows towards the sunlight, so it is advisable to turn the plant every now and then.

Because of the sturdy roots, it is wise to repot the plant to a larger pot every 2 years. The roots are so strong that they can crush the pot. Preferably repot the plant in the spring, the plant can then recover more quickly. Do not use hydro granules when repotting, as the thick roots make it difficult for the plant to reach the water.

The Elho Vibes Fold pots are simple yet stylish. Elho makes these pots using their own wind energy and recycled plastic. The pots are completely waterproof and therefore do not leave any circles on your wooden table. The pots do not have a water reservoir. So be careful with watering or opt for the Blumat irrigation.

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