Dracaena Janet Craig

The Dracaena Janet Craig, like other Dragon blood trees, is easy to maintain and air-purifying. The plant originally grows in Africa, America, and Asia and has beautiful, slightly hanging dark green leaves. The plant can thrive in a somewhat dark environment and is, therefore, a popular office plant and suitable for when you are looking for a sturdy and uncomplicated plant.


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Janet Craig’s “middle name” is deremensis, a synonym for fragans. The name refers to the strongly scented flowers that can grow on the plant, but unfortunately, this is almost not the case at home. Dracaenas can do without water for a while. They only need water again when the soil feels dry. In winter, this may even mean that watering once every 4-6 weeks is sufficient. The amount of water depends on the size, the amount of light the plant receives, and the ambient temperature.

Janet Craig, like other Dracaenas, can live well with less light. A maximum of 3 hours a day of direct sunlight is sufficient. If you still want to place the plant in a sunnier place, let the plant get used to it by gradually moving it closer to the window and starting in winter. Too much light? Then the leaves turn yellow. Is growth stagnating? Then the plant may get too little light. Only in March, when the growing season begins, and when the potting soil has been consumed, it makes sense to provide the plant with extra nutrition. This applies to most soil after 6 to 8 weeks.

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