Expansion set Tropf Blumat 10 m

The Blumat extension set makes it possible to install your own irrigation system. Even if you don’t have any Blumat products at home yet, you can get started with this simple set. Start yourself with a water reservoir in which you place the beginning of the hose. Make sure it is level with your plants for a normal water supply. If you prefer to give a little more water, place the reservoir higher.

Tip: Preferably opt for an opaque reservoir, as this ensures less algae formation in the water.



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In stock

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With the Tropf Blumat extension set 10 meters you can decide for yourself how many sensors you purchase. This is useful when your plants are further apart, but also, for example, if you prefer to use 2 sensors with a larger plant.

The Blumat system does not require a power supply, the plant can draw in water itself via the sensors. You can influence the amount of water by placing the water reservoir higher or lower. You can also use the reservoir to add liquid plant food. This way the plant receives the nutrients through the water. Also view our Blumat Classic and Blumat Easy.


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