Fat Balls With Insects (6pcs)

These fat balls are made with high quality natural ingredients and provide proteins and energy for birds. Sunflower seeds and insects are added making them a real treat. Make sure to use them in a feeder to prevent big birds flying off with them.

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Fat balls are loaded with energy and nutrition’s for garden birds. The high-quality fat and seeds mixed inside the ball provides birds with healthy calories. These fats are combined with sunflower seeds and grounded peanuts. The added insects make these balls very appealing and provide extra proteins. Each ball is roughly 95 grams.

The combination of ingredients prevents the balls from freezing. They will stay soft enough for the birds to eat from. The fat inside the balls is also water repellent. This is why you can use these year-round. Make sure to keep them in the shade in the summer.

The fat balls with insects are delivered with 6 pieces on a tray. We don’t use plastic nets to prevent plastic waste. It is better to use a more durable solution like the London fat ball unit or the Evie birdfeeder.

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6X 95gram


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