Feeder Silo SingingFriend Multi Feedr

The Multi feedR is easy to use. With the 2 different silo’s you can easily switch between different types of food. You can attach it with a screw in the back or use the velcro strap. With the velcro strap its also possible to place it on a drain pipe.

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The Multi feedR is designed by SingingFriend. It is very versatile in use. This birdfeeder is delivered with two types of silo’s for different types of birdfood. The first silo is made to hold birdseeds or peanuts and the other is made for fat balls. You can easily switch the silo’s from the top of the feeder.

Birdseeds like the nutrition silo mix is irresistible to sparrows, tits, robins and finches. It consists of high-calorie ingredients such as sunflower seeds, chopped peanuts, oatmeal and millet.

The premium peanuts are very nutritious due to their high protein and fat content. The peanuts are free of substances that can be harmful to birds and can be fed all year round. These peanuts are eaten by almost all bird species.

Fat balls are loaded with energy and nutrition’s for garden birds. The high-quality fat and seeds mixed inside the ball provides birds with healthy calories. These fats are combined with sunflower seeds and grounded peanuts. The added insects make these balls very appealing and provide extra proteins.

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