Green roof cassettes

Would you like to make your roof greener? It’s so easy with these sedum trays! The trays can be ordered per piece and you can place them independently on your roof.

The order is delivered on pallets, the shipping costs of a pallet shipment are calculated in the next step and start from € 77.50 incl. VAT. Please note that delivery generally takes place on Thursdays and Fridays. In addition, a minimum of 3 working days is required behind the scenes to prepare the order.

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Keep in mind that you leave at least 10 cm space to place gravel between the trays and the roof edge. This ensures good drainage and a nice finish. Order directly or request a quote.


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Build a green roof yourself with sedum cassettes? This is easy with this sedum cassette system. Sedum is known as an easy garden plant. Also known as stonecrop in the Netherlands. The plant has greasy leaves, so it can survive well in drier periods. Also, the plant has the ability to absorb and store water well and the flowers of sedum plants are a magnet for butterflies and bees. When the trays are delivered, they are already at least 95% covered with sedum, so you immediately have a beautiful green result.

↗ Enter the number of m² required for order units. ↗

No fewer than twelve different types of sedum are processed in the sedum cassettes. They are ready-made cassettes that you can place independently on your roof. If you want to protect your roof covering, we recommend adding a protective cloth, which you place between the trays and the roof. It is possible to use these cassettes up to a slight angle of inclination of 15 degrees.

The trays have a weight of 45 kilograms per square meter. When it is saturated with water, this can amount to 65 kilograms per square meter. The plants need nutrition at least once a year, use the sedum nutrition granules for this.

Advantages of green roofs

Green roofs have many advantages! For example, contributing to lowering the ambient temperature, absorbing rainwater, supporting the biodiversity around your home, converting CO2 into oxygen, dampening ambient noise and having an insulating effect on the roof. A win-win for people, nature and buildings.

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