Green roof sedum roll system DIY

With the sedum roll system you can independently construct your customized green roof. For this you can choose from three different sedum mats: standard sedum mix mat, wildflowers mat and bee & butterflies mat.

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Please note that delivery generally takes place on Thursdays and Fridays and that behind the scenes a minimum of 3 working days is required to prepare the order.

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This is a do it yourself (DIY) green roof system. This means that you can install your own green roof with this three-part system. Choose which surface you want to cover with sedum (the green roof surface), taking into account that you leave at least 20 cm of space between the roof edge and the sedum rolls. This makes it possible to lay gravel around for good drainage and a nice end result.

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The system consists of a vegetation mat of your choice + a substrate roll of 40mm thick for buffering nutrients and water. Also a drainage mat of 20mm thick for the drainage of rainwater.

Type of vegetation

You can choose from three different top layers:

  • Sedum mix mat with 8+ sedum varieties (standard, most sold): minimal maintenance, fertilize one to three times a year.
  • Wildflowers mat (20+ wildflowers and 5+ ornamental types of grass): mow and fertilize once or twice a year.
  • Bees and butterflies mat (4 types of sedum, 5+ ornamental types of grass, 40+ perennials and herbs): fertilize one to three times a year.

Sedum is an easy plant, also known as stonecrop because of the greasy leaves. The plant has the ability to absorb and store water well – which means that it can also thrive in drier periods. The flowers of sedum plants are also a magnet for butterflies and bees.

Twelve types of sedums are used in the standard sedum mix mat. The wildflower mat has different wildflowers and ornamental types of grass and the mat for bees and butterflies is a combination of sedum, different types of ornamental grasses and a mix of up to forty perennials and herbs. These plants are essential for butterflies and bees, as is a good shelter.

The sedum slabs have a saturated weight of 50 to 60 kilograms per square meter (including substrate roll and drainage). It is possible to install the mats on roofs with an angle of inclination up to 10 degrees.

Advantages of green roofs

Green roofs have many advantages! For example, the roofs contribute to lowering the ambient temperature, absorbing rainwater, supporting the biodiversity around your house, converting CO2 into oxygen and dampening ambient noise. The roofs also have an insulating effect for the roof. A win-win for people, nature and buildings.

Construction green roof work

The lightweight green roof is designed to be installed independently. Those instructions for construction can be found on our website. However, in consultation, we can unburden you and engage a party in your area. These costs are for your own account, but are often eligible for a subsidy, as well as the green roof itself!

Do not forget to provide the mats with nutrition. Think of sedum nutrition for optimal condition and look for more care tips in the wiki.

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