Hydro granules Pokon 5 liters

Hydro pellets can be used in many different ways. Both at the bottom of your pot and on top of your potting soil and even as a replacement for your potting soil.

These granules are especially important at the bottom as a drainage layer. Otherwise, your plant may drown or create root rot. The granules hold the water and slowly release it again. This means you don’t have to water as often.


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First and foremost, hydro granules are ideal as a drainage layer at the bottom of your flower pot if it does not have a drainage hole. Then first fill your pot with about 20% with granules.

They are also used for hydroponics. There is no potting soil involved and the plant is therefore completely in the hydro granules. This has many advantages with watering and avoiding plagues.

You can also use it as a decorative cover for your potting soil in your plant pot. This ensures that the soil dries out less quickly. You can find our high-quality potting soil here.

Hydro granules retain the water and release it slowly, so you don’t have to water as often. They also ensure that plants grow better and give the roots a firm hold. Be aware that not all plants are suitable for full hydroponics.

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