Irrigation Blumat Classic

The Classic is Blumat’s most well-known system. This smart ceramic cone is the best choice if you are looking for an irrigation system that does not need to be connected to the power network. You only need a water reservoir and the plant does the rest itself. You can use it during your holiday, but also all year round if you don’t know what your plant needs. Available in two sizes, individually or in packs of three.


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When the soil of your plant begins to dry out, the ceramic cone will begin to release water. This release is achieved as a result of underpressure in the cone due to the water absorption in the roots of the plant. If you place the water reservoir at the same height as the plants, the plant will receive strictly the necessary amount of water. If you place the reservoir slightly higher than the plant, it will receive more water.

The advantage of the Blumat system is that every plant gets the right dose. This depends on, among other things, the ambient temperature and the type of plant, making the Irrigation Blumat Classic very economical in water consumption. Preferably choose an opaque water reservoir, because this way you prevent algae from forming. The size of the reservoir ultimately determines how long the plant can go without water. It is also possible to add liquid plant food to the water. This way you can easily provide the plant with extra nutrition. If you want to water more plants with this system, take a look at the starter set.

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