Irrigation Kit Blumat

The Blumat 3 meter set is packed with everything you need to install a watering system for up to 12 pots. The system works without any electrical power, all you need is a water container. The plant will do everything else for you. If you still want to give the plant more water, you can simply place the water reservoir a little higher. As a result, the plant will draw in more water because of the gravity.


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With the Blumat watering system each plant gets the exact amount of water they need. Making it very efficient and reliable for year round use. You will even notice your plants growing better with the use of this system.

When you want to use this system on bigger pots you can use multiple ‘sensors’ or cones to get enough water to your plants. Follow the instructions for the right amount. Usually a classic cone is sufficient for a pot up to a diameter of 25 cm.


  • 12 Tropf Blumat sensors/cones
  • 7 meters of hose
  • 1 container insert
  • 1 T-piece 8mm
  • 1 Endpiece 8mm
  • 1 Kneepiece 8mm
  • 1 Connector 8mm
  • 1 T-piece 8-3-8mm


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