Kentia Palm

The Kentia palm is a member of the Arecaceae family and is therefore one of the stronger palm species. It has long green leaves and high ornamental value. Because it is fairly easy to maintain, it is a popular office plant and can also be placed in houses where less light is possible. Originally, the plant comes from near Australia and blossoms when fully grown. Unfortunately, this will not be the case in the living room. The Kentias are non-toxic and therefore safe for children and pets.

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It is important for palms that it is continuously in moist soil, for example by giving it small amounts of water every five days. The amount of water the plant needs is highly dependent on the size of the palm and the degree of light intensity the plant has to deal with. Check the humidity of the earth by putting your finger in the earth. If the earth still feels wet after a few days, use smaller amounts of water at a time. Spraying is not necessary with the Kentia, but it is advisable if the plant is in too dry air. This keeps the leaves beautiful for longer and it works against pests. It is best to spray with rainwater, so that no limescale remains.

Let the amount of light for the palm depend on the color of the leaf, which should be a deep dark green. When the leaf turns light (yellow), place the palm further away from the window. If growth stagnates, the plant can be placed closer to the window. In principle, not too much (direct) sunlight. At least 3 meters from a south-facing window.

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