Manure compost 40 liters Organic Bio Cultura

You can use Bio Kultura’s organic manure compost to improve the soil life in your garden. It serves as annual nutrition for soil and plant. 40 liters is suitable for a 3 square meter vegetable garden or 4 square meter ornamental garden.



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About Bio Kultura

Bio-Kultura makes organically certified products. A potting soil for potted plants on the balcony, terrace, indoor plants and for sowing. A garden soil compost to raise the borders in the (vegetable) garden and to allow all plants to grow. And an organic manure compost to spread over the soil every year as nutrition for an entire season. These organic products have been developed at their organic perennial nursery in Doorn: Kwekerij van Houtum.

Bio-Kultura is the only producer of potting soil, garden soil and compost that is actually on SKAL’s input list.

Manure compost composition

The manure compost consists of a combination of animal fertilizers and vegetable composts.


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