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Native seeds are important for biodiversity in the Netherlands – and its recovery. These seed bags contain seeds from native flowers and are non-toxic. With one seed bag, you can make about 1 square meter of flower beauty. Choose your preferred mix below. Do you go for ‘Flower splendour in your tree mirror’ or ‘Ecobombs’ especially for butterflies and wild bees?


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Guerrilla Gardeners seed bags contain native seeds. This means, seeds of plants and/or flowers that occur naturally in the Netherlands. Native seeds are good for biodiversity because they are ‘the best match’ with insects that also belong here. Many seeds that you can buy often contain “exotic” seeds. These can be harmful to the plants that are supposed to grow here.

Contents Flower splendour: Snapdragon | Pale poppy | Bolderik | real chamomile | French Silene | Yellow goose flower | Large mallow | Large poppy | Cone Silene | cornflower | Middle Evening Primrose | Musk mallow | night cuckoo flower | Odorless Chamomile | Snakewort | Wild delphinium | black torch

Content Ecobomb: Snapdragon | Beemdkrone | Cranesbill | concrete | Pale poppy | Blue button | Tansy | Bolderik | Bosandthorn | Pigeon weed | Yarrow | True Goldenrod | real chamomile | French Silene | Yellow goose flower | Yellow chamomile | Ordinary agrimony | Ordinary Brunel | Common daisy | Ordinary piglet herb | Big cat’s tail | Large poppy | Heaven key | Cone Silene | Little pimpernel | Knapweed | Cow herb | cornflower | Long Speedwell | Swamp roll clover | Meadowsweet | Musk mallow | night cuckoo flower | carrot | Pentecost flower | Odorless Chamomile | Rough bell | fennel hawkweed | Sharp buttercup | St John’s wort | Narrow plantain | Field Lathyrus | Field sage | Branched Lion Tooth | Wild catnip | wild marjoram | Wild delphinium | fireweed

About Guerrilla Gardeners

The mission of the Guerrilla Gardeners ties in nicely with that of Marvy Green; conquer grey neighbourhoods and turn them into green oases. They call on people to participate in this as much as possible. Restoring biodiversity in a fossilized environment, combating heat stress and making the city more cheerful are among the themes that Guerrilla Gardeners is committed to. Guerilla Gardeners’ products are carefully composed, with an eye for impact on the environment.

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Bag of seeds

Flower splendor for your tree fence, Ecobomb wild bees


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