Pressure reducer Blumat Irrigation

The Blumat pressure reducer ensures a safe and constant operation of the Tropf Blumat Starter Set. The pressure reducer is suitable for most water taps and can handle a maximum inlet pressure of 6 Bar. A dirt sieve is integrated to prevent coarse dirt from penetrating.


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The pressure reducer makes it possible to connect the Blumat irrigation system to the tap, instead of to a rain barrel. With one pressure reducer, 250-300 Blumats (Blumat sensors) can be coupled, with a distance of approximately 50 meters.

The Tropf-Blumat Start Set comes with everything you need to set up an irrigation system for up to 12 pots. The Blumat system does not require a power supply, just a water reservoir. Furthermore, the plant will do the work for you in a natural way. If you still want to give the plant more water, you can simply place the water reservoir a little higher. This will allow the plant to absorb more water.

Additional information

Output pressure

1 Bar

Input pressure

Maximum of 6 Bar


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