Rhapis Excelsa

Bring the rainforest feeling into your home with the Rhapis Excelsa! Due to its recognizable trunk, this plant is also called Bamboo Palm or Stick Palm. The plant may well be placed further away from the window, making it perfect for rooms with less light or for the office. Do you have children or pets? The Rhapis is non-toxic and can be safely placed in their vicinity.


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The Rhapis palm does well in less light, but this doesn’t mean you can put the plant in the shade. Because the leaf has a large amount of leaf green granules, it can handle well with less light and still convert it into enough energy. Place the plant about 5 meters away from a window (about 7 meters near a window facing south). If the leaf of the palm becomes lighter, it is placed in a light spot. Does the leaf even turn yellow? Then the palm gets too much light and you can place the plant further away from the window.

The water requirement of the Rhapis depends on the amount of light the plant receives. You will always need to keep the soil moist, although the plant generally needs little water. When the soil dries up, this will cause a less decorative value of the plant. Spraying is not necessary, but it does not hurt to do it or to put the plant outside once a year when it rains in summer. This way the plant rinses clean and the leaves will shine beautifully.

The frayed leaves of the palm will eventually turn brown, this is often not a sign that the plant is not doing well. If you want to “beautify” the plant, cut away the end of the leaves (possibly with pinking shears).

Additional information

Latin name

Rhapis Excelsa

Height (cm)
Pot size

27 cm

Animal friendly
Light need
Watering need


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