Most people know Rosemary as a kitchen herb. However, she is a very good addition to any balcony or garden. This plant is about 80cm tall and can grow to a size of 150cm. She is an evergreen plant with small flowers during the summertime.

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Rosemary is an evergreen herb with needle like leaves. She has a strong taste and is commonly used as a kitchen herb. Rosemary also spreads a friendly pine like fragrance. This is why people use a small bundle of rosemary twigs in their home. Similar to lavender.

Rosemary is native to the Mediterranean where it grows along the coastline. The Latin name Rosmarinus literally means “mist of the sea”. Its grey-green foliage is thought to resemble mist against the shoreline. She grows well in our European climate and is evergreen. When the temperature drops its best to take her inside or to protect her from freezing. You can also choose to surround the base of the plant with some straw.

Rosemary usually blossoms from April to June with small light-blue flowers. It is wise to prune once blooming has ceased. Make sure to use proper pruning shears for a clean cut.

When you place her in a pot or balcony tray make sure to add some extra nutrition. A good option is the Nutri Booster by Undergreen.

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