Schefflera Arboricola gold capella

The Schefflera comes from the Araliaceae family and is recognizable from many by the typical foliage. It is not without reason that your plant has the Dutch nickname “finger tree”. The Arbirocola gold capella has green leaves with yellow-gold discolouration. Because these leaves have more variety of colour, this plant requires slightly more light than the others in the same family.


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Scheffleras like to be in a bright spot, without too much direct sunlight. The plant often needs 3 to 5 hours of sunshine a day. In the case of the Gold Capella, the plant will require a little more light due to the lack of “green pigment” in the leaves. We recommend about 5 hours of sunshine for this plant.

If the Schefflera loses its discoloured brown leaves, this often means that the plant probably receives too little sunlight. In some cases, this indicates cold. When this happens, do not immediately give extra water, but first, try to move the plant closer to the window.

In principle, the Schefflera requires moderate water. In the summer you can water once a week, in the winter once every ten days. If the soil still feels very wet after 5 days, please give less water. Is the soil very dry after 2 days? Then you can water a little more.

Additional information

Latin name

Schefflera Arboricola gold capella

Height (cm)

Pot size

27 cm

Animal friendly

Light need

Watering need


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