Scindapsus Trebie

This creeper is a real eye catcher with her dark-green hearth shaped leaves splashed with silver grey and a satin sheen. She climbs up to a mos stick provided with the plant but is also seen as a hanging basket plant. Keep this plant out of reach of pets and small children because it is harmful when consumed.



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The Scindapsus is one of the top 10 most air purifying plants and at Marvy Green we offer this plant on the Fair Flora label. This means its grown within the guidelines of the Fair Flora label regarding ecological and sustainable footprint and transparency within the supply chain.

This plant lets go of excess water through her leaves, you can see the water dripping from her leaves. This can be influenced by giving smaller portions of water however this will never fully stop this process. The waterdrops are not harmful to animals or children. When the Scindapsus requires water she will show this by curling the edges of her leaves. As soon as you give her water again this will turn back to normal.

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