Sedum Nutrition Conditioner Sempergreen 5kg

This sedum conditioner from Sempergreen is the tool for a healthy and strong green roof. It is a fertilizer that releases nutrients gradually and in a controlled manner. It has an environmentally friendly coating and consists mainly of nitrogen and potassium.

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Sedum Conditioner improves the roots of the sedum roof, which strengthens the plants and makes them healthier. The Sedum Conditioner is a slow NK fertilizer (nitrogen and potassium) that releases the nutrients in a gradual and controlled manner. This is thanks to the environmentally friendly coating around the fertilizer grain, which gives it an operating time of up to 9 months. In addition to nitrogen and potassium, it also contains magnesium and trace elements.

NPK = 16-0-20
Grain size: 2 – 4 mm

Instructions for use:
The best periods to apply Sedum Conditioner are late April and early September. A dose of 1 kilo of Sedum Conditioner is recommended per 40m2 of sedum.

Storage instructions:
Store the Sedum Conditioner cool and dry in the original packaging, out of direct sunlight.

Volume: 5 kg bucket

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