Solar-powered Irrigation AquaBloom Set Gardena

The Gardena AquaBloom is in our opinion the most ideal watering sollution for balcony’s and even small gardens. Water up to 20 plants without lifting a (green) finger. Ideal during your holiday! Because it uses solar power you can pretty much put it on any spot. All it needs is a water reservoir or a rain barrel.

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When delivered the Gardena AquaBloom includes everything you need to get started. This set includes all the equipment to water up to 20 plants. On the center of the solar panel you can find the control panel and switch between 14 different watering programs. These are programmed into the build in computer. This will adjust the water pump to the right amount, even when you are on holiday. You can easily cut the hose to the right length. The high-quality micro-drip components guarantee even water distribution through pressure-equalizing drippers.

For its water supply you can use pretty much every kind of water reservoir. Our preferred option would be a rain barrel. The AquaBloom comes with a special filter to prevent clogging. This filter includes a small weigh to keep it on the bottom of your reservoir.

It is easy to hang the AquaBloom on a wall but you its shape also allows it to hang on the side of a pot or stand up on an even surface. This makes the system extra flexible to use. Make sure it still gets enough sunlight to feed the included rechargeable batteries. You can choose the frequency and the amount of water by choosing one of the 14 different watering programs. With Gardena AquaBloom your balcony and tub plants are in good hands – all season long. Make sure to also check our other Gardena products: planting mat, claw and garden shovel.


Additional information

Package contains

Waterpump, irrigationcomputer, solar panel


Sunlight and water reservoir


Up to 20 plants


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