Tea from weeds

You can enjoy a spicy cup of tea from Wilder Land without any worries, knowing that you are contributing to the restoration of biodiversity in the Netherlands. Available in three exciting blends; F***ing Fresh, Offline and Opkicker. Each package contains 20 tea bags.



Verdien tot wel 10 Marvy zaadjes.


About the blends

F***ing Fresh blend: fresh and spicy – composed with yarrow, sorrel, lemon balm, spearmint, cornflower
Holy Smokey: smoky and fresh – composed with mint, meadowsweet, smoked birch leaf
Offline: floral and sweet – composed with lime blossom, elderflower, chamomile, caraway, rose leaf
Pick-up: spicy and sweet – composed with dandelion leaf, plantain, fennel, sage and marigold

About Wilder Land

Wilder Land restores Dutch biodiversity by making (un)herbal teas. Wilder Land firmly believes that restoring biodiversity is really only possible when working together with Dutch farmers. These farmers own 65% of our land area. Wilder Land sows weeds and weeds on the edges of our farmers’ fields and meadows, which increases the chances of life for bees and butterflies. The herbs grow without being sprayed and are (partly) harvested to make tea blends. At least half remains so that insects can continue to benefit from it and it also has the chance to spread in other places.

Additional information


F***ing Fris, Opkicker, Offline, Holy Smokey – loose tea leafs


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