Tree pit package organic & native

Adopt a tree pit in your neighborhood and brighten it up with this organic, hardy, plant and flower pack. Read our wiki for more tips. Choose the right package below by selecting the location of your tree pit. One package is good for one square meter and includes organic compost.

  1. Sun – facing south – an average of 7 hours of sunshine per day
  2. Part shade – on the west or east – an average of 5 hours of sun per day
  3. Shade – on the north – an average of 3 hours of sun per day

Growth height: between 20 and 50cm.

Order your package now and make an appointment to pick it up in our store in Rotterdam or have it delivered with a bicycle courier.


Want to brighten up another tree pit? Add a seed mix.

Verdien tot wel 75 Marvy zaadjes.


About the tree pit packages

The Marvy Green tree pit packages consist of a standard combination of 7 organic (unsprayed), native plants and a bag of Bio Kultura garden soil compost. The plants have been carefully selected, taking into account the maximum growth height, the way in which the plant roots, when it is in bloom and that they are hardy/perennial. Our organic plants come from Schoutens in Boskoop and/or Tasty Blooms in Biezenmortel. The compost is important to provide the plants with the right nutrients.

Naturalising bulbs

The package can be expanded with naturalizing bulbs. Naturalising bulbs are flower bulbs that come back every year. They are hardy and they multiply and support themselves. We work together with De Warande for good quality, organic, naturalizing bulbs. The flower bulbs that we select for the tree pit packages are native or belong to the “stinzenplants”.

Flowers for bees

In addition to the basic package, you can also buy non-toxic and native seeds from us. These seed mixes are composed by Guerrilla Gardeners and Cruydthoek. These seeds are flowers that attract bees. Each seed bag is sufficient for one square meter. So if you choose to add a seed bag, you can tackle a second tree pit!

What is a tree pit?

A tree pit is the space created at the foot of a tree. It serves for the extra supply of water and air for (the roots of) the tree. These tree pits are often bare and therefore do not give a green impression. By planting tree pits, a place with a tall tree at street level is also nice to look at.

Adopt a tree mirror

You can often plant and maintain tree mirrors in residential streets that have not been planted by the municipality. Check to be sure what the rules are in your municipality. By reporting this to them, they can take the plants into account when work or maintenance is carried out. With a tile template you show even more clearly that the tree mirror is maintained by you and that you are proud of it.

Subsidies for a tree mirror

Many municipalities have subsidies available for greening the city. In some cases, requirements are set for the amount of green that is added. For example, you can take on a project together with your neighbors, so you have a larger surface together faster and it’s even more fun! In Rotterdam you can go to Opzoomer Mee for these kinds of initiatives.

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