Yucca Elephantipes

The Yucca Elephantipes, better known as the Palm Lily, likes to be in sunny places and will do well without water for a long time. An easy to maintain houseplant with beautiful oblong, dark green leaves. A Yucca can bloom, but this is rare in the Netherlands. Does the plant get flowers? In some countries, the flowers of the Yucca are cooked? In case the plant blooms, remove the flowers, it costs the plant a lot of energy.


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The Yucca can be placed in a brighter spot in your house, but be careful with direct sunlight. Approximately 5 hours of (direct) sunlight is desirable, so place the plant about 2 to 3 meters away from the window when facing south and 1 to 2 meters in the case of a window facing east or west.

The Yucca does not need much water. Especially when the plant is in a larger container, it can do without water for a longer period of time. Allow the soil to dry well, and for a longer period of time, before watering it again. No water for 4 to 6 weeks is no problem in winter. Do you doubt the amount of water? In many cases, it is better with the Yucca to water less in that case. Do you still have moist soil a few days later after a watering? Use less water next time.

The plant thrives in dry air, spraying is not necessary. Placing the plant in a rain shower in summer can help against diseases and remove dust. If you want to spray, use rainwater or water with little / no lime.

Additional information

Latin name

Yucca elephantipes var. Gigantea

Height (cm)

Pot size

27 cm

Light need


Watering need

Animal friendly


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