Native plants

What are Native Plants?

Plants that are native are plants that originate/naturally occur in a place. They serve as a food source for our insects and fit into the biodiverse system. When you decide to plant plants in your garden, facade garden or tree pit, concider opting for native plants. In this way, biodiversity is enhanced instead of disrupted.

There are several perennial herbs and plants, shrubs and trees that are native. The Municipality of Rotterdam has provided a clear overview of which (perennial) native plants we know in the Netherlands in a native plant list. For example; Chives, Dark Cranesbill, Yellow Chamomile, Ivy, Wild Honeysuckle, Mountain Ash and Pedunculate Oak.

Subsidy for native plants

To encourage consumers to opt for native plants, the Municipality of Rotterdam has additional subsidy funds available that can serve as a contribution to the purchase of native plants. See if your municipality also facilitates this!

Buy native plants

From spring 2022, Marvy Green will have a diverse range of native, unsprayed and/or organic perennials. These plants are available in the shop in Rotterdam Noord and can be purchased individually or in the form of a tree pit or facade garden package.

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What are stinzen plants? In addition to native plants – which are naturally present in a place – there are also plants that have been “accepted” in our nature over time. Stinzen plants cannot originally come from the Netherlands. The plants were introduced to Western Europe after being discovered by botanists elsewhere in the world. Particularly in country estates, where a castle or country house once stood, these plants have become wild and ‘established’. Stinzen plants also owe their name to this. Because ‘stins’ is Frisian for castle or country house, whose inhabitants could afford to plant stinzen plants. Through our collaboration with De Warande, we make organic stinzen plants more accessible and available. These naturalizing bulbs are available in combination with the treepit and facade garden packages, among other things.

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