Areca palm


The Areca palm, also known as Golden Palm, has a feather-shaped leaf in light green color. Originally from Madagascar where they grow in bushes and reach a height of 10 meters. The roots of the palm should be in moist soil and preferably need weekly water. It is a fast-growing plant and non-toxic. Cats do find it an attractive plant to sink their teeth into.

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Verdien tot wel 60 Marvy zaadjes.

Latin name

Areca lutescens

Height (cm)


Pot size

21 cm


Non toxic

Light need

Indirect sunlight

Watering need

Plenty of water needed

Not too long in direct sunlight, but plenty of light. You can place the palm in front of a window on the north, or with some distance on the east and west. Place the palm about three meters from the window if it is a south-facing window. Three to five hours of direct sunlight is desirable. If the plant gets too much light, the leaves will turn yellow and the water requirement will increase. New leaves will also not grow quickly. Arecas often develop brown tips on the leaves. This also occurs in nature. With scissors you can “trim” the tips and spraying will keep the leaves looking good for longer.

Additional fertilization is recommended, but not necessary in the fall and not necessary in the winter.


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