The Aspidistra is known as the “cast iron plant” because it is very easy to maintain and nearly indestructible. She is native to the mountains of Japan & Taiwan where she grows on the forest floors overshadowed by other plants and trees. This is why she goes well with little sunlight and lower temperatures. While being an indoor plant you can take her outside in the summertime.


Verdien tot wel 85 Marvy zaadjes.

Latin name


Height (cm)


Pot size

19 cm


Non toxic

Light need


Watering need

Little water needed

The Aspidistra has large sturdy leaves and stores most of the water in her roots, for this reason she needs little and you should only give water when the soil feels dry. She likes a nice spot in the shade and needs very little sunlight, this makes her a good office plant.

The main reason of being such a care free plant is her being a very slow growing plant. She only produces a few new leaves a year with the advantage of not outgrowing a spot location in multiple years. Another advantage is the Aspidistra can grow very old, she is known for her longevity and there are people who had their Aspidistra for over 50 years.


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