Combination bird feeder & pinda’s


Spoil the garden birds with these nutritious peanuts, packed with proteins and fats. The Nashville Feeder ensures that the peanuts can be eaten safely, even for small birds, all year round.

Bestel dit product en verdien 40 Marvy zaadjes!

These Premium peanuts are composed by ‘De Vogelbescherming’ and you can offer them all year round. The peanuts are eaten by almost all birds, but are a favourite with the crested tit, blue tit, greenfinch, great tit, keep, goldfinch and the great spotted woodpecker.

The Nashville feeder has been specially developed for peanuts. The mesh is too small to let a whole peanut through. You can easily hang this feeder via the rope in the roof. The Nashville feeder can be refilled through the roof and the peanuts stay out of the rain because of the canopy.


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