Musa, better known as a banana plant, brings the tropical atmospheres into your home. The banana plant has beautiful large leaves and, if fertilized, can get bananas. The first flowering of the plant can take several years.


Verdien tot wel 92 Marvy zaadjes.

Latin name


Height (cm)


Pot size

27 cm

Light need

Indirect sunlight

Watering need

Plenty of water needed


Non toxic

The banana plant demands a lot from its environment. The plant likes sunlight, but cannot tolerate direct sunlight. Move Musa about two meters from the window when facing south. Nutrition and water are also important for the banana plant, so check the moisture of the earth regularly and give the plant nutrition regularly. Especially in the summer, otherwise the plant will stop growing. Read the description of the plant food, so that you do not give too much nutrition. Do you want to make sure that your banana plant gets enough water? Then order the plant in combination with a planter, these planters include a water reservoir to keep your plants satisfied.


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