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Do you want only the best for your plants? Then Undergreen is the perfect brand for you! These plant nutrition sticks are an easy and safe way to give your plants some extra energy. Just put them in the soil and as soon as you water your plant the sticks start working.

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The Jungle Fever sticks provide plant nutrition over a bigger time frame. The sticks will last up to two months. The Undergreen Jungle Fever sticks are made from high quality biological ingredients. Making them a safe and easy solution for providing your plants with good nutrition. When however your plants are feeling sick you can always use the Repair Spray to give them an extra health boost.

Use the Undergreen Jungle Fever sticks during florescence to provide your plant with some extra energy. The advice from Undergreen is to add nutrtition sticks from march to october. Most green plants are resting in winter months so won’t use much energy.


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