Sagina Subulata


This bright green moss like plant is an easy way to add some extra green to your balcony or garden. It is a very elegant plant and is often seen in ornamental gardens and Japanese style gardens. During summer she blossoms with small white flowers.

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The Sagina Subulata looks a lot like moss and is easily overlooked in nature. However it is a very popular garden plant. She is native to Europe and grows well in this climate. She grows low to the ground and is matt-forming similar to grass. In the months May to July she blossoms with small white flowers. Make sure you place her in a sunny spot.

The Sagina Subulata grows in pretty much any soil. It is important not to add any chalk to the soil, this will harm the plant. You don’t need to add extra nutrition’s to the soil. She does best in a moist soil so make sure to water her during summer months. You can also choose to use an irrigation system such as the Aquabloom. This system works on solar power and can easily work from a water reservoir or rain barrel.

When placing her in a pot make sure to use some extra nutrition to help her with some extra energy. You can use the Nutri Booster  for example. This will provide an energy boost and add nutrition to the soil up to 6 months.


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