Plantenbak Elho Greenville Trough

This planter is frost-resistant and therefore suitable for outdoor use during all seasons. The container has an integrated water reservoir at the bottom. This ensures that the plants are always supplied with sufficient water. This innovative bin is made with high quality recycled plastic. This makes the box very sturdy and can take a beating. Also very easy to clean!


Verdien tot wel 200 Marvy zaadjes.


The planter “Elho Greenville Trough” is a beautiful plastic design planter. The bin is made of recycled plastic and is extremely strong. Because the container is frost resistant, it is extremely suitable for outdoor use. Elho is an innovative family business with a factory in Tilburg. During production, the company uses the energy they generate themselves with their own windmill . Their aim is therefore to produce as green as possible. The container itself is also 100% reusable. So super green!

What should you pay attention to when repotting? When you are going to repot a plant to your new Elho Greenville Trough planter, it is not necessarily necessary to use hydro granules or lava granules. This is of course allowed since this not only retains water, but also provides more oxygen in the earth. Make sure your plant has enough space in the new pot and go for a pot that is about 20% larger. Choose good potting soil and add food to it, such as the Nutri Booster granules from Undergreen. These ensure that the plant gets some extra energy and thus experiences less stress from repotting. In addition, the granules gradually supply nutrients to the plant for up to 6 months after repotting. You can easily clean the pot with a damp cloth.

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Diepte (cm)

14.5, 26

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Binnen, Buiten


waterreservoir, wielen

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