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The frequently asked questions about Marvy Green

De planten, accessoires, verzorgings- en biodiversiteitsproducten die je op de website van Marvy Green vindt kunnen worden geleverd in de BeNeLux en Duitsland. 

Onze groendaken kunnen besteld worden voor Nederland en België via het bestelsysteem op de website. Voor alle overige landen kan dit enkel via het aanvragen van een offerte.

Our plants are shipped in boxes that have been specially developed for the protected shipment of plants. This means that the plants have enough space in their box, but also that the pot is fixed. As a result, it is not possible for the plant to be shaken, damaged or losing soil on the way.

Our products have different delivery times:

  • Plant deliveries take place within 48 hours, please note that delivery will be delivered two days later. If you order on Monday, your order will arrive on Wednesday. This only applies to work days. After you have placed your order you will receive tracking information from PostNL. This indicates when you can expect your package (s).
  • Our green roofs are delivered on Thursday or Friday. It is possible to indicate a preference that the carrier will take into account as much as possible. Take into account a minimum delivery time of 3 working days. Do you order on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday? Then the delivery will most likely be delivered the week after.

Orders over €20 will be shipped for free. When an order has a lower order value, we charge €4.95 in shipping costs. Different rates apply for the transport of our green sedum roofs, depending on the size of the order.

Because plants are perishable products, we use special measures for returns. Please read the Return Policy before contacting us.

How nice that you want to make someone else happy with one of our green rascals! You can order a plant yourself and have it delivered to a different address or request a gift card/coupon. You determine an amount yourself and the recipient can then make his own choice.

We can imagine that you would still like to receive an answer to your question. For this you can do the following:

  • Ask your question in the community: this is a public forum on the website where other Marvy Green fans can answer your question.
  • Ask your question to us via the contact form: we are open for "FAQ suggestions", please even! Let us know which question you are missing and we will answer you as soon as possible and add the question to the overview.

You can find the various contact options hier.

Zoek het groen dat bij jou past